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Nutritional Therapy uses evidence based nutritional science to identify biochemical imbalances that prevent optimal health, improving health through and diet and lifestyle.  Using a systems - based approach Nutritional Therapy seeks to address and support the root causes of symptoms of ill health. 

One- to -one support builds a comprehensive profile of your health, diet, lifestyle and personal medical history. With an individual approach to identify the underlying causes of disease or health goals, Antonia works to provide practical and individual guidance to improve health for the long term.

Each person is unique and guidance is based on health screenings, dietary assessment and on going nutritional management. Diagnostic techniques and laboratory testing may be also be used. Follow up consultations are recommended.

Harley Street

Antonia is currently practicing on Harley Street, for more information or to make an appointment please contact:

Tel: +44(0)7733344660

Skype consultations are also available upon request.