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Antonia Magor DipNT mBANT rCNHC AFMCP

Antonia is a London based Nutritionist registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists and a member of the CNHC. Following a 3 year training in Nutritional Therapy. Antonia furthered her education within the Health Sciences department of Westminster University and training in the US with the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

Antonia focuses on health through diet and lifestyle, practising from a Functional Medicine point of view. This focuses on finding, addressing and preventing the root causes of conditions and ill health.

Through the application of Nutritional Science and the most up to date  modern research, Antonia aims to restore health for the long term. She works with individuals on their specific conditions, health goals or as part of their medical treatment. She has a great passion for food and encouraging a healthy attitude and relationship with our diets. 

Please see the clinic page for more information, or feel free to get in touch. Antonia is also available for expert commentary, articles and presentations, and has contributed to publications such as Vogue Paris, British Vogue, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, iPaper, Suitcase Magazine, Refinery29 and Byrdie. 



"Antonia was compassionate and incredibly understanding.  Her enthusiasm and passion for nutrition was enriching and I loved the all the recommendations she put forward for my diet. I have seen significant improvement with my relationship with food and my IBS symptoms and cannot thank Antonia enough for all her professionalism and guidance."

Client, female, Retail Strategist


“Antonia is approachable, friendly and above all professional. Her knowledge of nutrition, diet and wellbeing is staggering. I found it hard to open up about my relationship with food and my digestion problems to begin with but she is a great listener so it was easy to talk to her. Antonia's advice and guidance really helped me to change my perceptions on eating and the process of what goes on in the inside as well as out.”

Client, female, Events Manager. 


"I saw Antonia to help me understand my body a bit better. I have had IBS for the last 4 to 5 years, it's manageable, however, earlier this year it creept back on me becoming a real issue. Antonia was great, she was easy to get on with, particularly when talking about topics I found uncomfrotable! Antonia helped me find an easier balance to control my IBS. I will definitely be keeping in touch with her and taking her advice.

Client, male, Insurance Broker. 


"There are so many mixed messages and unrealistic diets when it comes to eating healthily, that Antonia is not only a breath of fresh air but incredibly knowledgable, understanding and reassuring. I can't stress enough how important it was to me to feel that she was tailoring something to suit me personally and my lifestyle. Antonia's approach to nutrition and clients is far from "one - size fits all". She keeps things in perspective, which sets her apart from others and makes following her nutrition advice fun not a chore. Her commitment, attention to detail and positivity are second to none!"

Client, female, Gallery Administrator.