Animal protein is a much debated topic within the world of Nutrition, with strong feelings on both sides. Whatever your opinion and personal choice, some factors should be considered when choosing animal protein. 

Due to dramatic changes in farming methods over the last few decades some animals are being fed foods that are unnatural to them and pumped up with hormones and antibiotics for more efficient production. Animal welfare in the abattoir has also become highly controversial. When animals are in a stressful situation they release excess cortisol (stress hormones) into their bodies as a shock response – so by eating these foods we are only increasing our own cortisol and stress levels.

Wild animal proteins can contain higher levels of Omega 6 than farmed animals and is often leaner and less fatty. So the best option wherever possible is to choose wild or organic, free-range meat and animal products from a local source so you can reduce the chemicals, stress and improve the wellbeing of what you eat.

Always look for words ‘organic’, 'free range', ‘wild’ and ‘grass-fed’, find a butcher you trust or there are many fantastic online meat delivery service, such as -

Field & Flower

Abel & Cole

Riverford Organic

If you choose to include animal protein in your diet buy better quality less often and celebrate veggie or grain proteins as well as animal proteins on your plate!