As the weather shifts our cravings change and with each season we require different nutrients to keep us at optimum health. Foods grown naturally and locally contain more phytonutrients and provide the nutrients you need for that time of year, eating close to home and seasonally isn’t just good for the environment it’s good for us, let you body fall in to rhythm with the weather!


Summer months are full of hot and sweaty outdoor activities as well lots of vitamin D. We tend to crave refreshing foods that are light, energising and hydrating, cucumber is very rehydrating, berries are packed full of anti-oxidants and mackerel contains essential fats and a high amount of protein. Summer is a great time to mix all sorts of simple ingredients, vegetables can be thrown in with herbs and topped with goats cheese or grilled fish for a simple yet delicious summer salad.


As autumn and winter approach the weather gets colder, days become shorter and we find ourselves craving cosy, nutrient dense foods. There is often also cold’s lurking so it’s really important to focus on eating foods that are good for the immune system. Sweet potatoes, squash, parsnips and chestnut are jam packed with vitamins C, D, B, beta carotene and calcium. All of these nutrients fight off unwanted colds and keep us energised for the long winter months. This is a time to indulge in soups and stews, batch cooking and comforting warming foods. 


Spring is a time for detoxing and shedding those extra winter layers, rejuvenating and preparing ourselves for the summer. Foods that are light with fresh flavours and low sugar content flourish, asparagus, broccoli, rhubarb and oysters are all extremely cleansing. Soups, light grains like quinoa and poached dishes and are very easy to make and a handful of spring time veggies.