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Last week to kick off Warner Brother's Wellness Week Spoon Cereals hosted a discussion on Gut Health. It was a fascinating chat with Jeanette Hyde, Nutritional Therapist, Joey O'Hare director of High Mood Food, Alana Mac of the Gut Stuff and myself about the impact of gut health from different perspectives. These were a couple of my favourite points bought up - 

Our guts are covered in live bacterial colonies, these are called the 'gut microbiome' and something that scientists and the medical community are only just starting to understand the full extent and importance they play within our body. Including a significant role in our digestion, immunity and our mental health. When the gut bacteria is balanced it functions well, however it can easily become unbalanced by antiobiotics, poor diet and stress. 

So - think of your gut bacteria as your pets, you need to feed them and treat them nicely! 

Variety is the key to feeding your gut bacteria, so adding lots of different fresh fruits, vegetables and fibre into our diet is the best way to do this. 

The relationship between the gut and brain is physical and chemical as mood boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin are metabolised in the gut rather than the brain.