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I've seen alot of people in clinic recently who are feeling anxious in the foodie surround of Christmas, I shared these short messages on social media and it seemed to really resonate with people. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss anything further. 


Let go of Festive food FOMO! The feeling that you need to have it all right now, but you’ll “balance it out” come January. Don’t fall into this trap by letting the illusion of festive foods become more than they are with the idea of restricting yourself later down the line.

One big meal isn’t going to de-rail you! Nutritional balance takes time, one meal or even a series of big meals is not going cause you weight change or significant nutritional changes.

Let go of comparison – what works for other people doesn’t always work for you. Don’t compare your plate to others, stick to you know what makes you well and avoid judging your needs on someone elses!

Do what makes you feel well – get outside and move, enjoy your rest time and your food!