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As part of my role as a Nutritionist is to speak to large businesses and corporates about the importance and benefits of good nutrition. This can either be on a small scale speaking to individuals or among small meetings, or more recently on a larger scale of 400 people at a large conference. 

Please see below my most recent feedback and testimonials, if you are interested in coporate speaking please get in touch. 

The speaker was first rate. Its not easy to address these topics confidently when faced with a room full of bankers, but she did it and they listened and took the tips on board. That's impressive and the speaker deserves a lot of credit for that.
Stress Management was great, team ideas for keeping fit together could be interesting for our office too!
Really did enjoy this one!
Very valuable and good content reinforcing the need to keep body and mind in balance. Good knowledgeable presenter with a very good style.





Testimonials from an event with Well Aware.