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Quinoa Porridge with Pears, Pistachios & Petals

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This is an elevated version of an everyday porridge, not only in it’s prettiness but for the superfood qualities of the quinoa. Protein and nutrient rich this little seed is versatile and easy to cook, while an added sprinkle of cinnamon, a spice traditionally used to aid digestion starts the day in an anti- inflammatory way.

Quinoa porridge takes slightly longer than normal porridge oats to soften but it’s worth the wait. Here I added delicate flavours of pears, crushed pistachios and only a few rose petals so not to be overpowering but experiment with your favourite flavours or coarsely grating an apple or pear and stirring through the porridge. 

 Other topping options:

 banana, cacao nibs and maple syrup

raspberries, mint and chia seeds 

 coconut yoghurt, cinnamon and stewed apples

Free from gluten, dairy and Vegan.

Serves 2

Total Time 20 minutes


  • roughly 1 cup (150g) quinoa

  • 1 cup water (roughly 300ml)

  • 1 cup almond milk (roughly 300ml)

  • pinch of cinnamon honey to taste (could replace with maple syrup for vegans)

  • to serve: a pear thinly sliced

  • crushed pistachios

  • rose petals

  • almond milk


  • Start by rinsing the uncooked quinoa. Place the quinoa, water and almond milk in a small pan and allow to simmer for 12 - 15minutes until the quinoa is cooked.

  • If it dries out while cooking add another splash of almond milk or water.

  • Stir through the cinnamon and honey to taste. 

  • Top with sliced pear, pistachios, another splash of almond milk and a pinch of rose petals. 

  • Enjoy warm.